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                                                        At Michaelangelo's Kitchen, pastry chef Jaclyn Story takes pride in creating cakes that range from whimsical to traditional. Cakes that taste as good as they look. Everything is made from scratch with all natural ingredients.  We can work together to make the perfect dessert for your next special ocassion.  Jaclyn specializes in custom cakes of all kinds whether it be a birthday, shower, groom's or wedding.
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   Signature Cakes
Chocolate Strawberry- chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream,strawberries, and a ganache drizzle
Neapolitan-vanilla cake filled with strawberry mousse, iced in chocolate
Coconut- coconut cake filled with your choice of vanilla custard or tangy lemon
Pina Coloda-coconut cake brushed with rum and filled with pineapple curd
Chocolate Mousse- chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and iced in rich chocolate buttercream
Opera- almond cake brushed with Kahlua, then filled with espresso ganache and coffee buttercream
Banana Split- Banana cake filled with fresh bananas and cherries in whipped custard
Cookiesn'Cream- chocolate cake filled with oreo buttercream
Mint Chocolate Chip- chocolate cake filled with mint buttercream and chocolate chips
White Chocolate Raspberry- White chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis
Lemon Chiffon- light lemon cake filled with lemon curd
Lemon Raspberry- vanilla cake filled with layers of lemon and raspberry
Carrot- carrot spice cake filled with brown sugar cream cheese icing
Raspberry Amaretto-almond cake brushed with Amaretto and filled with raspberry coulis, vanilla pastry cream and sliced almonds
Framboise- Chocolate cake brushed with raspberry liquor is filled with raspberry buttercream and drenched in chocolate ganache
Cake Deluxe- Vanilla cake filled with orange infused ganache and Grand Marnier soaked strawberries
Keylime- Vanilla cake filled with Key Lime curd and buttery graham cracked crumbs, iced in Italian Meringue
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More Featured Cakes-
White Chocolate
Apple Spice
Red Velvet
Lemon, Keylime, Passionfruit Curd
    Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream
    Bavarian Cream
    Mousses-White Chocolate, Chocolate, Raspberry, Peach          Strawberry,Blackberry, Lemon, or Peanut Butter, Champagne
    Toffee Crunch
    German Chocolate
     Black Forest
    Fresh Fruit
    Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Icing
    Buttercreams-Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Mint, Oreo,            Coffee,Lemon, Key lime, and Many more
Jaclyn is a member of the Charleston Bridal Association.
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